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             The egg is made up of one enormous cell. The covering of the egg is called the cell membrane. The distilled water affected the egg because of diffusion. The high concentration of the water surrounding the egg moved to a lower concentration inside the egg and caused it to swell. The syrup affected the egg also. The low concentration of water outside the egg allowed for the high concentration of water inside the egg to be released. Therefore, the egg shrunk because it lost its water; which went into the syrup.
             2. The term "selectively permeable" means the membrane can choose what enters the cell. It allows some substances to pass through but not others. The substances that were able to permeate include sugar, iodine, and water. First of all the sugar was able to permeate because it is a monosaccharide and has small molecules that are able to permeate. The sugar is permeable because of the results when testing for the presence of sugar in beaker number two. The sugar that was in the bag of beaker number two permeated into the beaker filled with distilled water. We tested for sugar using Benedict's solution and it tested positive after the solution turned orange. We know the iodine is permeable by looking at the before and after beakers. In the after beaker, the bag which originally obtained a clear substance, it now contained a blue substance. Thus the iodine permeated through the bag and reacted with the starch to change the color. One item that did not seem to permeate was the starch. The starch did not change the color to a blackish-blue color, which would have indicated a positive test. Unlike sugar, starch is unable to permeate because it is a monosaccharide. I believe that the molecules of the starch were too big to be able to permeate into the beaker. .
             3. The function of the contractile vacuoles is to pump water out of the cell caused by osmosis. When the water enters through the contractile vacuole, it closes to stop the water from entering and then pumps it out of the vacuole.

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