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             Thoughts of David Thoreau transferred to the German system of government.
             David Thoreau (1817-1862) is one of the most important writers in American History.
             In 1846 Thoreau refused to pay a tax because the government supported slavery in the US. While he was arrested for one day he got the inspiration to write an essay called "Civil Disobedience". In this essay Thoreau wrote about his opinion of government and special tax issues. For me as a foreigner it is interesting how Thoreau saw the roll of government two centuries ago, how it developed till today and if other governments of different countries like Germany followed these statements of Thoreau or if there are no equalities between them.
             One of the issues Thoreau discussed in his essay is the "individual roll" in government. He thought that the individuals have to keep the government responsible.
             The government's function was to represent the people. In the essay Thoreau supports Thomas Jefferson's statement: " That government is best which governs least". The government is not more than a thing and not it but the people are important. These opinions and ideas are very thoughtful and apply for today, too. 69 Years ago the Nazis won the general election in Germany and in the next years they build up a strong government (dictatorship) and did not represent the interests and opinions of the citizenship. The consequences were disastrous and terrifying. Every individual person involved in the government activities has to be responsible for its acts and behaviour. .
             Today there is a lot of civil discussion in Germany because of its history. Acts of the government are looked at very critically and especially the question of war is often closely scrutinized. This year there was a civic action group in my hometown which tried successfully to prevent a privatisation of a energy company run by the state. I think it is very important that all citizens are interested in, discuss about and try to involve in political events.

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