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            As I read through the Introduction I paused to reflect on these three findings. I chose these particular findings because I believe them to be important to the future of our education and very relevant to education in today's society.
             My first finding is that Americans are in favor of our local schools. When asked how states should adjust to the reduced revenues brought on by the weak economy, Americans rejected cuts in education spending. Seventy-eight percent also said they would avoid such cuts by reducing spending in other areas. Fifty-eight percent even said they would go as far as to raise taxes to avoid cutting education spending. I was extremely pleased to find that the majority of Americans care about the quality of our education system and recognize that it needs to be a priority in regard to financial funding. .
             The next statistic that caught my eye was that 70% oppose lengthening the school day, and 85% favor making kindergarten mandatory, while 82% favored making pre-kindergarten available as part of the formal school program. I highly agree with the majority here. Lengthening the school day, in my opinion, isn't going to solve anything. I also agree that making pre-kindergarten part of the formal school program is a good idea. This, rather than lengthening the school day, will benefit children by having their formal school experience start earlier.
             The last finding that I observed was the fact that the public believes that the size of the school is important and that smaller is better. I firmly believe that smaller schools reach children better. Smaller schools allow for more personal attention, and easier class discussion.
             The two issues that I feel strongly about go hand in hand. They are both in regard to our public education system, and what should be done to improve it. The first question is, in order to improve public education in America, should we reform our schools or find an alternative system? I believe that our current public education system is a good one.

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