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            The Comparison of Anton Chekhov's Work.
             "In stature and significance Chekhov is the most prominent Russian author of the literary generation succeeding Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky" (Anton 144). In many stories Anton Chekhov has written his work so that the readers can make an ideal mental picture in their head about what is happening in the story. Chekhov wrote, "Dreams," "Anna on the Neck" and "Anyuta;" all being short stories. Through thorough examinations of these stories one has to believe that they have three assets that link them together, they are: self-actualization, deal with lower class citizens and unexpected endings.
             One asset that links the stories is self-actualization. In "Dreams" one can see that the tramp realizes that he isn't a noble, and that he will never be able to get his farm in Siberia. In "Anyuta," one can see how Anyuta realizes that she is not wanted; therefore she realizes that she has wasted her life in helping other people, who in return will not help her out after they make their money. In "Anna on the Neck," one can see Anna realizes that she is better than her husband, when all through the story her husband treats her as if she were his servant, but in the end she does the opposite to him, after she becomes friends with His Excellency's wife. Anna becomes higher than her husband when His Excellency says "I've come to you with a message from my wife" (Matlaw 141). This is one instance in which the three stories show common themes.
             Another similarity in the three works is that they all deal with lower class citizens. L.S. Woolf wrote "The precision of Tchehov's realism masks the mental stammer which afflicted him when he contemplated life" (woolf 150), about Chekhov. In "Dreams," the young man that wishes to go to Siberia and start a farm is a lower class citizen, who is known as a tramp, and the two soldiers are lower class as well. The reader can see that the two soldiers are lower class citizens by how they act.

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