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Hero (mossic)

            What is a hero? There are many characteristics a hero should have. A hero should be someone who can identify and separate right from wrong. A hero can be anyone around me. They can be young or old or they can be an animal. There are many different definitions and many categories. The hero can be a person who keeps them-self locked away from the world. Some emergency could happen and that quiet person could come along and save many people. He or she could just simply say hi. Just one simple word could lift someone's spirit who yells out for help and attention. A hero can be someone who has taken cat of me in my time of great need. Someone could just simply give me a ride when they see me walking. Like the cartoons, children think a hero should be strong and have supernatural powers. That super hero would go around hunting the evil in the world and destroy it. Then again there are many different types of heroes".
             Most heroes" probably do not even realize that they are one. Then there are our nation's heroes that we will never forget. They put their life on the line so we could go to school, drive and many simple things and many serious issues. Basically I can have any occupation in the world and I can me a hero. I think a hero is anyone who does any act of kindness. It does not matter, big or small, they have made a difference in the world because it is like a chain when someone sees it they will tell other people. So it not only effects that person, but it might effect everyone who hears what took place. .
             Animals have also been recognized as heroes. From big to small they save lives everyday and they are some peoples" only friends in this world. The animals are their company and they love their owner and sometimes care for them also. Defining what a hero is, is very difficult because there are many different heroes that go unrecognized so if I name one I should have to name every type of hero in the world.

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