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            Rickets is a vitamin-deficiency disease that in children can lead to permanent bone deformities. Lack of Vitamin D or calcium causes this disorder that involves softening and weakening of bones. The causes of Rickets, prevention, and symptoms are some things to help you learn more about this disease. Rickets is more commonly found in younger children then in adults.
             Rickets is caused by insufficient Vitamin D in the body during childhood. This vitamin is necessary for calcium utilization for growing bones. When the body is deficient in Vitamin D, it is unable to properly regulate calcium and phosphate levels. When these are low the body takes calcium or phosphate from the bones to the blood stream to compensate for its loss. This cause bones to be weak or soft. Rickets is rare however, it normally occurs with rapid growth where the body requires high levels of calcium and phosphorous. Rickets is mostly seen in children 6 to 24 months old. Rickets is rarely seen in newborns. Rickets may also be seen in people that don't drink milk products due to diets or people who are lactose intolerant.
             Many symptoms are associated with rickets. First, bone pain or tenderness, which may occur in the arms, pelvis, spine, or legs. Additionally, skeletal deformities, for instance bowlegs, an odd-shaped skull, or bumps in .
             the rib cage. Also, dental deformities may occur, such as delayed formation of teeth, painful teeth and gums, wearing of the enamel on teeth, or a increase in cavities. Lastly, fever, restlessness, weakness, muscle cramps, and or impaired body growth.
             The way to treat Rickets is to obtain sufficient calcium, Vitamin D, and phosphorus which ever one the person is lacking. Food that has sufficient amounts of Vitamin D are fish, liver, and processed milk. Also if you have moderate exposure to sunlight this can help receiving adequate amounts of Vitamin D. Having good posture helps to correct skeletal deformities.

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