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fate vs. freewill of macbeth

            Were Macbeth's decisions right or wrong? Reading and analyzing the play of "Macbeth" can be very confounded to any kind of readers. From what a lot of readers can agitate about the book is, if Macbeth's actions were fate or freewill for all the actions that he achieved. We could compare fate to freewill by the actions a character chooses to achieve in the play. .
             If we observe Macbeth in his freewill side, the Witches prompted him by their comments and that is what Macbeth followed. We could compare this argument to one of the stories in the bible when Satan (Serpent) told Eve to tempt Adam to eat the forbidden fruit and that was her own freewill to tempt Adam, not fate. That is what Macbeth did in the play. Nothing forced him, not even fate, to do the things he did. .
             It was the urgings of Lady Macbeth that influenced Macbeth to do his duty to kill King Duncan when he came over to their residence. She would make him think in many diverse ways so Macbeth would feel that he was wrong and his wife was correct. This also could be contrasted to Eve, how she influenced Adam to eat the forbidden fruit when he did not have to. If it were fate that prompted him to do the things that he did, then he would have no reason to set him up for his downfall by making him feel that he was invincible towards everyone and everything.
             There are three witches who add an element of supernatural and prophecy to the play. They give an idea to Macbeth about murdering King Duncan and committing treason so they are not really real because it is not them who make Macbeth kill King Duncan but just gives an idea to him. From my perspective of the witches, I think they represent evil in the society of that time. This is because the witches were the ones giving ideas to people and telling them what is going to happen to them. Some of what the witches might of came true at the end if the person heard what the witches said and thought about it often so the witches would influence them so the actions later would turn real.

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