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Risk in the Odyssey

            As the day begins, Chelsea walks into school knowing that she looks absolutely terrible: her hair is a mess, she still has dirt on her face, and she did not have time to do her makeup. However, when her friends get first view of her, they complement her, which causes an instant self-esteem boost for Chelsea. Of course Chelsea's friends were lieing throw thru their teeth when they told Chelsea this but that did not matter. They had successfully deceived her and she now felt better about herself. This form of deception is used everyday. It is also known as a white lie. In The Odyssey by Homer, many forms of deceptions are used. In The Odyssey by Homer, both Odysseus and Athena use deception as a pivotal factor to their success. .
             Odysseus uses his art of deception to be both a diplomat and a master of trickery. The first case in which Odysseus uses deception is when he encounters the Scylla. When Odysseus meets the Scylla he knows that it will consume one sailor for each of the six heads that it has. He neglects to tell his crewmembers because he knows that they will no longer row if he warns them of the danger. This is a great use of deception by Odysseus. He uses deception merely because he knows that he is making the right decision. With his wisdom he can see that going past the Scylla is the right choice by the ignorant crewmembers may not see things the same way. Odysseus also used deception to fool the suitors. Late in the epic, Odysseus pretends to be a beggar when he meets the suitors. This was very essential to Odysseus and his taking of revenge. He allows himself to be shunned by the inhospitable suitors. Before taking his revenge, Odysseus must do two things: witness the suitors being bad hosts and disrespecting Odysseus's home, and survey the situation he will be getting himself into when he starts a battle. When Odysseus uses deception, he accomplishes both these feats. Just as important as Odysseus appearing as a beggar to the suitors, was Odysseus appearing as a beggar to Penelope.

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