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            When examining Ireland as a whole the differences are unlimited. The large island is best looked at in its two parts; Northern Ireland (part of UK) and The Republic of Ireland (Southern). This division creates a sense of two completely different countries. .
             While both regions speak mainly English the dissimilarities are numerous. Southern Ireland, also known as the Republic of Ireland, is a fairly stable area. The government is a republic that is based on the euro with two legislative houses. These houses govern slightly under 4 million highly religious Irishmen, 95% of them Roman Catholic. While a small population is agriculturally dependant three-fifths is urban based. This urban centralization allows for the creation of a strong workforce including high technology, tourism, and public utilities. The economy is vastly based on its exports making up 80% of the GDP, The Republic of Ireland continues to grow internally, with increasing consumer spending and business investments. When marketing in the republic a hotel chain can use advertising much like in the United States. With vast business population of cities a hotel may chose to gear their marketing towards conventions, luncheons and other business-like activities. Emphasis on golf, transportation accommodations, and any computer or internet access is beneficial to a hotel targeting the business world. .
             On the contrary Northern Ireland is highly dependant on its governing United Kingdom for protection as well as its economy. The region of approximately 1.5 million people has a projected 60-40 split of Protestants over Catholics. In the past this division was not a peaceful one and the area continues to experience some unrest and terrorism. Experts insist if visitors practice general cautions taken when visiting a foreign country they will be unaffected by the hostility, but the risk still detracts from tourism. This instability has previously deterred outsiders from investing in Northern companies and ventures.

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