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Criticism is in The Eyes of th

            Mark Twain is an author with the ability to write renounced novels, captivate an audience, and in the process stir major amounts of controversy. Of course, most critics will agree, his most controversial novel would unanimously be Adventures of Huckleberry Finn; a story about a run away boy and his run away slave and their journey down the Mississippi River to freedom. None the less, the story, despite its criticisms, contains a plot that displays the time in history when American's bought and sold the African people as slaves, where rights were limited to race, and where the color of skin made all the difference. .
             To actually display the history and captivate the audiences" attention, Mark Twain plays with language and utilizes the old American dialect. However, the ignorance of the people in the past and their lack of knowledge makes for a more "interesting" way of speaking. Slang and condescending words are used in almost every line and every page to bring to the reader the true lifestyles of the past. Despite Twain's efforts to recreate the time period, to bring history alive and to tell a great story by using his style and creative language, audiences, critics and even parents around the country seem to miss the historical lesson. They focus solely on the descriptive dialect, and continually try to censor and even ban this book. Through exploring the language, the reasons behind the dialect, and Mark Twain himself, one can explore the facts and purpose that the censorships are unnecessary, and the book needs not to be banned but to be taught and explored correctly. This book deals with a time period that can never be forgotten; it should be confronted and understood so the horrifying events can never be repeated. When reading the book one must begin to look into the deeper meaning that Twain intended for his readers.
             The racial, derogative, and offensive slurs and slang dialog are incorporated in the story of Huckleberry Finn for the pure purpose of effect and to also recreate the historical events accurately.

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