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Appearance are Destructive

            Mark Mathabane the author of an article called "Appearance are Destructive" has very strong views about clothing in today's society. This article focuses on how appearances are important to school children mainly high school. Mathabane speaks of how his sister from South Africa transferred to American public schools. Which he had great expectations. He starts off by comparing South African schools to American public schools. Mathabane feels that American students are very fortunate from lunch programs, textbooks; to dedicated teachers. He feels that American students have benefits that other students can only dream about. Mathabane toured the country visiting public school seeing how they function this is partly how he came these notions. Mathabane also states that children are considered love through appearances. By saying parents who children don't dress in the latest fashion are viewed upon as cruel and unemotional of the children's needs. Those who don't get money from parents turn to other resources such as gangs or drugs for money. Then Mathabane goes into how young female dress in sexy clothing to impress boys. Once he states his feeling on American students he goes into static's of how non-American students are more intelligent than American students because of uniforms. Uniforms create less of a distraction amongst the youth since they are wearing the same items. His last statement goes into how American need to wake up and realized safety and education should prevail over dress codes.
             The author states some truths about the American education system as well as some falsies. He holds the education system accountable for his sister's negative experience in public schools. I understand one can only speak from experiences but you shouldn't put standards on others. That's what I feel the author does by comparing a South African Education to that of an American education.

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