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Parasite Rex

             Twenty two million children in eleven million homes live in a home with at least one firearm. In sixty nine percent of homes with firearms and kids, there is more than one gun present. Rifles are the most common firearms in homes with children, followed by shotguns, handguns, and all other types of firearms combined (Hoffman 2). Firearms in the home should be stored in a manner that keeps them out of children's hands. In many parts of the United States firearms are dangerously accessible to children. Different plans have been proposed in different cities to prevent children from using firearms that are stored in homes. Some states and cities have passed laws that hold the owner of a firearm criminally responsible when a child injures or kills someone with that firearm. .
             The issue of firearm violence is being viewed as a public health issue. The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American College of Physicians have recommended that physicians play a role in making firearm storage safer by talking about firearm related issues with the children and children's parents(Hoffman 5). Although this is recommended few U.S. physicians provide counseling on firearm safety. Parents of the families are the ones who make the decisions about the firearms in the home. Public health workers and law makers can make sure that when families make their decisions they understand the risks associated with firearms and know how to reduce these risks. Parents who leave guns unlocked and their children shoot or even kill someone should be prosecuted to the full extent.
             Through out the United States many gun owning parents don't follow safety guidelines. In the November Journal of Pediatrics less than half of gun owning parents reported that they followed recommendations for safe firearm storage in their homes. Mirna M. Farah, M.D. , and friends surveyed 400 parents who brought their children, aged four to twelve, into emergency rooms in Atlanta.

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