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            For Better or For Worse, is Change for Better or For Worse.
             In the short story "Shiloh" by Bobbie Ann Mason the two main characters are Leroy Moffits and his wife Norma Jean. These characters are very different from each other possibly they each have changed and became different. I believe before the death of their first and only child they were the same in many ways. They shared the same hopes and the same dreams. .
             Norma Jean, knows exactly what she wants in life and is going after it. She is in very good shape and is trying to improve herself through education. However she has one fault and that involves her mother, Mable, who tries to control her, also her daughter lets her. .
             Leory, is an injured truck driver, who talks about things he wants. When I think of a truck driver I think of a guy with a big beer belly, not a guy that is in shape. Over many years of marriage these two individuals have changed and grown apart.
             There are many main points in this story. One point that could have foreshadowed the ending was the death of their only child. .
             Leroy foresees this when he mentions that the odds are very high that if a couple loses a child they are more likely to get a divorce. This could be true because the couple being together causes them to think too much about the lost child and they cannot let it go. Also, they each want to blame someone, so they blame each other. .
             Leory, was very obsessed with building a log cabin that Norma Jean didn't really want. But, for some odd reason Leory couldn't see that. The log cabin, for Leory, I believe was a way to ignore his problems. .
             Mable, Norma Jean's mother, plays a big part in this story. Mable, is very mean, and viscous and very controlling of her daughter. Norma Jean, is a grown woman and gets upset because her mother caught her smoking. Possibly, the ending could have been a way to pay her mom back for her past actions. Mable's marriage started in Shiloh isn't it odd how her daughters ended there.

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