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            When vehicles first made their debut into our markets color was not an option. The only color available to the public was black. The only purpose of vehicle paint was to protect the body from rust and corrosion. As competition started to increase in the market, the public wanted more than just a means of transportation from their vehicle. Vehicles began to get faster, and the body styles started to change. The public wanted a vehicle different than their friends and neighbors. Over the years paint colors and designs began to become more and more popular. Today body shops have thousands of color codes to choose from and an endless amounts of designs that can be created with a little creativity. With this growing hobby there came some draw backs. The government had to step in and regulate how these chemicals were handled, because if not used properly they can cause severe damage to the environment and to the person applying the paint. .
             You will find government recommendations of NIOSH approved respiratory protection on almost all paint products. Applying paint by spray polluted the air more than applying by brush, roller, or dipping. Direct contact of liquid to the human body can cause irritation to the eyes, as well as bodily damage to our respiratory tract and skin if swallowed. Vapors given of by spray can cause a asthmatic type reaction after several hours of applying paint. It is recommended that any person in the business gets an examination for possible asthma, hay fever, acute bronchitis or impaired lung function. Periodic examinations are recommended to make sure your body is not being harmed from these harsh chemicals. As I mentioned painting is hazardous to your health and also to the environment. Most paints contain volatile organic solvents (vocs). They are called volatile because they evaporate very quickly into the ozone, and have a low flashpoint which means they ignite very easily.

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