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            This essay is about obscenity and pornography on the web. I will be discussing my views and opinions about this subject. If it hasn't already, obscenity and pornography being openly displayed on the web will affect many people. Think about someone having a younger brother or sister, or even a child. Whatever the case may be, everyone will be affected. I myself am personally against the idea of easy access to pornography websites. It is just out of control and something needs to be done about this.
             Pornography is an immense opportunity for an experiment in freedom of speech and democracy, the largest scale experiment this world has ever seen. It's up to our society as a whole to explore that opportunity, and it's up to all of us not to lose it. I"m not yet a parent myself, and I may not be for sometime, but I worry about my future children wandering on to that wrong site and being forced to witness something that obscene.
             How would someone feel if they came home from a hard day of work only to find their five-year-old child on the web looking at graphic pictures? I am sure it would be a shock and quite a scare for them as it would be for me. How do they explain to their child of five what that is or what the people in the photographs are doing? Does that parent lie or do they actually explain to him or her about pornography? I know that these are a lot of difficult questions, but if something is not done about this, someone could be facing the very real truth of having to find answers to these questions. Not only will they have to explain what it is, they will start asking more questions than that person is willing to answer? .
             I never realized how bad this was until I was surfing the web and about three times while I was on looking around from site to site, windows came up within my main page with four to six different pornography sites that anyone could go to. That was when I realized that this is a growing problem.

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