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forensics science

             Forensic Science: The Science of Evidence.
             The researcher has found out that Forensic Science has no true beginning, many techniques and other fields of work, not just crime. .
             The first thing the writer found was that Forensic Science has no true beginning. There is an ancient history dealing with Forensics, but not true Forensic Science. Evidence of finger prints and early paintings and rock carvings of prehistoric humans are found dating BCE. In the 700's the Chinese used fingerprints to establish identity of documents and clay sculptures, but without any classification system. In 1,000, Quintilian, an attorney in Roman Courts, showed that bloody palm prints were meant to frame a blind man of his mothers murder. (N. Rudin Forensic TimeLine) .
             America has a long history of Forensic Science starting back to early American colonies. Early American colonists brought the coroner system with them from England. In 1915, New York City established a comprehensive program in which medical examiners were specifically authorized to investigate all deaths resulting in criminal violence, accidents, or suicides and those that occur suddenly to people who appeared to be in good health. In 1932, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Crime Laboratory was created. There has been many advances in Forensic Science recently. In 1996, the FBI introduced computerized searches of the AFIS data base. Live scan and card scan devices allowed interdepartmental submissions. Also in 1996, Tennessee V. Ware, mitochandrial DNA typing was admitted for the first time in a U.S. Court. In 1998, an FBI DNA database, NIDIS enabled interstate cooperation in linking crimes,was put into practice (N. Rudin Forensic Timeline).
             DARDAR 2 .
             Forensic Science has many techniques in practice. One of the most known and used is fingerprinting.

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