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ozone depletion

             Two decades ago stratospheric ozone depletion was mainly the interest of atmospheric scientists. Today, it is a worldwide concern that has been addressed by several international organizations. If our ozone the vitality of our very existences is not protected then we are ultimately doomed. We as people of the world need to come together and almost completely phase out the production of ozone depletetting molecules. Ozone depletion characterize the environmental problems we as humans face today: it is global and the direct, however unintended result of human industry and if not regulated can cause catastrophic effects; affecting not only humans, but everything that lays upon the earth.
             Ozone is a bluish, very reactive gas, whose molecule is made by three oxygen atoms. Nearly 90% of the Earth's ozone is situated in the stratosphere, the atmosphere layer between 10 to 40 kilometers above Earth's surface, where it is continuously generated and destroyed by the UV radiation. The ozone forms form the action sunlight on oxygen. This action has been taking place for many millions of years and naturally occurring nitrogen compounds in the atmosphere apparently have kept the ozone levels at a stable state. Only a small portion of ozone is in the troposphere, the internal atmospheric layer. Tropospheric ozone is mainly produced by photochemical reactions involving other pollutant gases, especially over large cities. If we were to have great amounts of concentrated ozone at ground level are dangerous to breathe because ozone is a very reactive gas and can damage lung tissue. It can also damage plants and buildings. .
             According to scientists, certain man-made chemicals are major contributors to the problem of ozone depletion. .
             "These chemicals are called Ozone-Depleting Substances (ODS) and include many gases containing chlorine and bromine, such as: chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs, substances containing chlorine, fluorine and carbon), "Halons", used for fire fighting, methyl bromide, used in agriculture.

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