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The proclamation of Fortinbras

            Whereas the king and the prince Hamlet and all others died in this bloodily tragedy for the sake of revenge, I, Fortinbras, the Prince of Norway, embrace my fortune with sorrow. I'm honored and humbled to stand here to take over the power to rule Denmark, the country with the great potential in north Europe. .
             I feel thankful for old King Hamlet and his brother's service to this nation, but I also feel sorry for their deaths. Although my father, the old King of Norway, was killed by the old King Hamlet, now, it's time to stop the endless revenge, and everyone of them has come to their destiny. .
             In order to avoid such tragedies in the future, and to build this nation more powerful, we'll reform the ministries of government. Denmark was once a leading country in north Europe under the rule of old King Hamlet's. The nation was prosperous in that time, but it declined under the rule of Claudius. Now, the nation is weak and rotten, and it can't bear a single attack, just like the royalty, collapsed due the internal conflicts. I really admired the old king Hamlet's great achievements, and I'll follow his steps to build the country into a united nation. .
             The first thing we should do is to strengthen our military force. A country with a strong military force will never be defeated. With the overwhelming military power, we will fight for the honor. After defeating Poland we will conquer other small countries and establish the leading position in the north Europe. We'll ally with Norway, my homeland, because we know many countries in north Europe are corrupt, their defenses are weak. Compared to us, they're like eggs compared to a stone. .
             Besides military affairs, we also need to have a good political system. We'd like to continue the elective monarchy system in Denmark, which has existed for a long time, rather than the hereditary monarchy, because it's devastating. Therefore, all the Danish kings after me should be elected.

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