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Polio Vaccine

            How the Polio Vaccine Caused More Harm Than Good.
             Poliomyelitis, also called polio or "infantile paralysis," is an acute viral infection caused by the poliovirus. In the past, because of the many cases and critical results from epidemics of polio, people feared the disease since it had left many patients paralyzed for life, and it sometimes killed people. In the 1950's, a vaccine against the disease was introduced. Since then, polio has been nearly eliminated in many countries. However, when the vaccine was brought in, people believed the war against polio has finally ended; however, they did not realize all the negative aspects that came with the development of the vaccine. This paper will prove how the polio vaccine caused more harm than good.
             Polio is an infectious viral disease that can, at times, result in paralysis. Most cases back then usually involved children, but it also affected older people. The disease is manifested in a number of ways. The mild forms usually include episodes of diarrhea. This can be followed by clear liquid meningitis (non-paralytic polio), or paralytic polio of various muscular groups. The virus can penetrate to the central nervous system, infecting cells that control muscle function. Such infection can result in permanent paralysis of limbs. Polio can attack the brain, creating many complications that can sometimes result in death. In the mild form of the disease, symptoms include fever, headache, sore throat, fatigue, nausea, and vomiting. The term "poliomyelitis" is derived from three Greek words: "itis" meaning "inflammation," "polios" standing for "of the gray", and "myelos" denoting "matter of the spinal cord." The public and medical professionals commonly use the shortened term "polio," and the disease has also been called "infantile paralysis".
             Jonas Edward Salk, an American research scientist, worked in the field of preventive medicine.

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