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Roll of Thunder, Cassie

            n Cassie's life, the schools in Mississippi are separate, but not equal. In the Great Faith Elementary school, the school of only black children consists of four little shacks on brick stilts that don't have much heat. The Jefferson Davis Elementary has one big white building that probably has more heat for the winter. Another reason that the schools are unequal is that the Great Faith Elementary kids keep their books for 12 years while they get dirty and old and fall apart. The Jefferson Davis Elementary kids get new clean awesome books. Also the Jefferson Davis Elementary kids start school earlier, they start in August, and the Great Faith Elementary school kids start in October. That means that the black students don't get enough learning time which could be why rumors go around saying that the black kids aren't as smart as the white kids. Another example is that at the Great Faith Elementary, students have to walk to school and for some kids it takes three hours going to school and back. This is bad because when they finally get to school they probably are tired and don't pay attention and get bad grades. Also their shoes wear out and their feet begin to hurt after a while. The Jefferson Davis Elementary kids get to ride to school on two nice yellow buses. Also the Great Faith elementary has cows to eat their grass and the Jefferson Davis Elementary has lawn mowers. In conclusion, the schools are separate, but extremely unequal.

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