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alternative medication of add

            The Benefits of Alternative Treatments for ADD and ADHD.
             The most prominently diagnosed neurological disorder in American children is Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyper Activity Disorder (ADHD). Five percent, or two million, of our nation's children have been diagnosed with one or both of these disorders ("Flavay" 1). The most used medications to calm the symptoms of these disorders are stimulants with plenty of side effects and they are only effective for short amounts of time. Unknown to most, there is alternative methods of treatment available that don't use stimulants or other harmful drugs. The everyday life of an ADD and ADHD patient is hard enough to handle without medications being forced upon them by doctors and parents.
             ADD and ADHD still have scientists baffled because the cause of either disorder has not been pinpointed. A knowledgeable neurologist stated: "The more you study hyperactivity or ADD, the less certain you are as to what it is, or whether it is a thousand different situations all called by the same name ("Flavay" 2)." Plenty of evidence has been accumulated to prove that ADD and ADHD do not develop from anything occurring in the home environment ("Causes" 1). ADD and ADHD have nearly been traced, by the National Institutes of Health, to a certain gene that occurs with a genetic thyroid disorder ("Causes" 3). An unpopular theory of what causes ADD and ADHD is due to acute head injuries or undetectable brain damage ("Causes" 2). Another idea was that ADD and ADHD had something to do with food additives affecting the brain like refined sugar, artificial flavorings, preservatives but this theory was quickly ruled out with testing performed by the National Institutes of Health ("Causes" 2). One of the most agreed upon causes of both disorders is a chemical imbalance in the brain ("ADDfocus" 1). Chemicals in the brain serve as neurotransmitters and carry impulses from nerves to different parts of the brain while traveling on a neuron-pathway.

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