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garret morgan

             Garret Morgan was an extremely intelligent man. He had an inventive nature, which influenced him to create such great gadgets. He first created hair straightened by experimenting on his neighbor's dog as well as himself. He also created the gas mask and the well-known traffic light. .
             Of all his creations, the one invention that made the biggest impact was his well-known traffic light. He was inspired to create this when he witnessed a car strike a policeman on a horse at an intersection.
             Another invention that was truly unique was his idea for the gas mask. Of course as everyone knows it enables you to breathe under circumstances that could be fatal if a gas mask was not available. The prototype for the gas mask is much different from the modern one used today. When Garret Morgan first created it he called it a Safety Hood and patented it as a Breathing Device, but the world came to know it as a Gas Mask. The Safety Hood consisted of a hood worn over the head of a person from which emanated a tube, which reached near the ground and allowed in clean air. The bottom of the tube was lined with a sponge type material that would help to filter the incoming air. Another tube existed which allowed the user to exhale air out of the device. Morgan intended the device to be used "to provide a portable attachment which will enable a fireman to enter a house filled with thick suffocating gases and smoke and to breathe freely for some time therein, and thereby enable him to perform his duties of saving life and valuables without danger to himself from suffocation. The device is also efficient and useful for protection to engineers, chemists and working men who are obliged to breathe noxious fumes or dust derived from the materials in which they are obliged to work.".
             If Garret had not invented this device many victims of fires and even firefighters would of died. If that had not been created, many people would not be able to evade death by suffocation and inhalation of deadly gases.

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