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childhood aggression

            Researchers Katja Kokko and Lea Pulkkinen studied the link between childhood aggression and adult unemployment. Participants were drawn from the ongoing 1968 Jyvãskylã Longitudinal Study of Personality and Social Development ( Pulkkinen, 1982 , 1998 ), which has traced individuals from the ages of 8 to 36 years from both urban and suburban areas of the medium-sized town of Jyvãskylã in Central Finland (http://www.apa.org/journals/dev/dev364463.html). Measurements were conducted in separate age groups, for example, aggression and prosocial behavior was measured at age 8, school maladjustment was measured at age 14. Occupational alternatives, drinking problems, child centered parenting were all measured at age 27. And at age 27, long-term unemployment between ages 27 and 36 were assessed. .
             The results, which were studied by means of the LISREL models (LISREL 8.14; JÖreskog & SÖrbom, 1996b), indicated that childhood aggression is indirectly related to adult unemployment. For instance, aggression led to maladaptation, which led to drinking problems, which led to lack of occupational alternatives, and, finally, long-term unemployment. .
             Although interesting, I believe that the study conducted was a bit limited and out dated. Using a sample from 1968 Finland does not equally represent the vast majority. And in no way, would I compare issues or stress factors of a 1968 Finland native to stresses and issues of a 2002 American. Politically and culturally we were and are two different entities that really should not be compared or spoken for. Other than the obvious limitations and outdated contents I believe that this study should pave way for further detailed studies. Possibly at that point we can be educated with conclusive evidence that links an aggressive child to adult unemployment. .

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