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What makes a Great Leader Grea

             What makes a great leader great? "Abraham Lincoln is considered by many historians to.
             have been the greatest American President" ( Neely, Jr.). Although many also felt that John F.
             Kennedy was on his way to being a great President, his term was just too short. .
             The early lives of these two men were quit different. Abraham Lincoln was born and.
             raised on a small farm in Hardin County, Kentucky. He worked hard for everything that he.
             earned and even at a young age the issue of slavery perplexed him. Lincoln's father, Thomas.
             Lincoln had a rough childhood and had little education. Despite all this he became a successful.
             carpenter in Kentucky. Abraham Lincoln worked very hard on the farm to help provide for his.
             family. Nothing was ever very easy for him. In contrast, John F. Kennedy was raised much.
             differently. John F. Kennedy's father, Joseph Kennedy was a successful businessman. He was.
             known as the ambassador of Great Britain and soon became a multimillionaire. Joseph and.
             Rose Kennedy always had great expectations for their children. In the midst of Lincoln being.
             raise by a poor family and working hard for everything he earned he still managed to pull a.
             country that had been ripped apart back together. Lincoln worked day and night to change the.
             civil rights for American slaves. He never made a small contribution. "Lincoln's achievements.
             saving the union and freeing the slaves and his martyrdom just at the wars end assured his.
             continuing fame." (Neely, Jr.). I personally feel that Lincoln was a great President. He changed.
             peoples lives forever! He wasn't worried about being popular it just came to him. I believe.
             because Kennedy was raised by a wealthy family and his father was well known led him to.
             much of his success. Furthermore I feel that Kennedy merrily was riding on his families.
             shirttail. It seemed to me that he was considered such a great President because he had a great.
             personality. He had this way of telling people what they wanted to hear.

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