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Superman Theory

            The superman theory was expressed in the writings of both Nietzsche and Hegel.
             Although the main idea of the theory was the same, their views on life differed. .
             Nietzsche was openly and profoundly hostile to most forms of morality and .
             religious thought. He declared "war" on them because he though they devalued all .
             naturalistic values. Nietzsche stressed the difference between "higher types" and "the .
             herd." In his book, Thus Spake Zarathustra, he proclaimed the superman to be the .
             meaning of the earth, representing the overcoming of all too human. He wanted to direct .
             the public's attention to the emergence of higher humanity capable of endowing existence .
             with a human redemption and justification. His major psychological theory was his "will .
             to power", meaning that people want to gain power and take control over their unruly .
             passions. He thought that the self-control exhibited by ascetics and artists was a higher .
             form of power than the physical bullying of the weak by the strong. The main point of .
             his theory was the passionate person who learns to control passions and use them in a .
             creative manner.
             Unlike Nietzsche, Hegel was a much more religious man. He too believed that .
             one must be an individual but have social consciousness. He stressed the importance of .
             historical understanding. Hegel was famous for his dialectic. It stated that history .
             followed a course that was necessary, also that it represented some sort of progress, and .
             that is will eventually be replaced by its opposite. He thought that the attempt to achieve .
             satisfaction through the external pursuit of power tends to be rejected in favor of the .
             attempt to achieve an inner state of harmony. .
             Hegel and Nietzsche's theories compliment each one another because one leads .
             into the other. Nietzsche added to Hegel's theory and emphasized the importance of .

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