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             With the World Wide Web growing so rapidly each day and even each minute, the Internet just becomes to big to handle. In fig 1.1 is an example of an Information Overload; that is when too much information is retrieved, and the user cannot handle it.
             Techniques must be used to find the correct and relevant information. Information filtering or Selective Dissemination of Information is a "tool- that must be used when finding information on the Internet. It is important to know how to filter through information and precisely why a user must do so. There are many information filtering "agents- that can be used to assist the user in filtering through information. Some websites and companies use Push Technology to help the user to receive information easier. .
             Fig 1.1.
             1.1 Research Problem:.
             What is the need for Personalized Information Services on the Web?.
             Sub Problems:.
             What is an information overload?.
             What is the digital divide?.
             What is an information agent, and how does it work?.
             What is SDI?.
             What is push technology, and when is it used?.
             2. Selective Dissemination of information:.
             2.1 What is Selective Dissemination of Information?.
             According to Dictionary.com selective dissemination of information is:.
             " A current awareness system, which alerts you to the latest publications in your specified field(s) of interest.
             A user registers at such a system with keywords representing his or her fields of interest, called a search profile. When new publications matching the search profile appear, the system informs the user of them instantly, periodically or upon request. Some systems may also be able to inform the user if changes in already notified publications occur."".
             Because of the huge size of the Internet these systems can be of great help to all users.
             2.2 How does SDI work?.
             Information dissemination systems do the searching on behalf of the user through the help of a WWW Robot. The robot is a program that automatically looks through hypertext structure and retrieves a referenced document.

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