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billy budd

             After reading the story Billy Budd, I could see how the story of Billy .
             Budd is very similar to the story of crucifixion of Christ. The .
             similarities are that like Jesus, Billy was considered almost perfect and .
             with little flaw, John Claggart was similar to the Pharisees in the Bible .
             who wanted Jesus to be crucified, and there similarities in the trial .
             itself. Billy Budd was an almost perfect guy with looks and charm and .
             that everyone liked. Even the first ships captain did not want to loose .
             Billy since he straitened out the ships crew, but had to for the king. On .
             the other ship, Billy was liked by all but one man named John Claggart. .
             John was the masters of arms and an older man who tried to keep up with .
             the younger guys. He was kind of a shady guy that kept his hate for Billy .
             under his breath. He really loved power and was interested in rising to power .
             as fast as he could. He was really jealous of Billy and secretly thought that .
             Billy was plotting against him and tried to belittle Billy .
             whenever he could yet hid it well from Billy even though everyone had .
             warned Billy that the master of arms really didn't like him.
             John is kind of like the Pharisees that were against Jesus. Neither one .
             had any real reason to hate them but both John and the Pharisees .
             wanted to see them die.
             John finally one night he got his chance when one of the sailors.
             tried to get Billy to join a mutiny effort and offered him a bribe of gold. .
             Billy didn't know what to think of this. It had confused him and he was .
             quick to think that everyone was to blame except for Claggart. John had .
             been watching Billy's behavior and went to tell the captain that he thought .
             Billy was up to no good and that he might be dangerous and that his attitude .
             might lead to mutiny. The captain was a level headed guy and knew that .
             Billy wouldn't do this and decided to call John on this and gave Billy the .
             opportunity to see his accuser and see if John would accuse Billy to his face.

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