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Internet Censorship

            The internet is the largest communication tool and distributor of information in the world. Concerns over questionable content available on the web such as guns, sex, violence, racism, and child pornography have been increasing over the years. The amount of information available on the internet is endless, but many people use that to their advantage; they do things they would not have the ability to do otherwise. In the next few minutes I will discuss with you the reasons internet censorship should be allowed it is the government's responsibility to control the information allowed on the web, children are accessing material that is barely suitable for adults, and information that is even "illegal to be received through mail and telephone" is being retrieved. .
             The views over whether or not censorship should exist are exceptionally contradictory; however, it is evident that our country is leaning towards the movement for censorship. As stated by John Carr in the article Its Time to Tackle Cyber Porn, "the days are over when the internet was the private preserve of academics and computer geeks." Now that hackers and pornographers have accessed the internet, there is an endless source of illegal material available for anyone's viewing. .
             The issue on whether or not the government has the right to censor the internet has been discussed thoroughly. Many acts and propositions on how to censor the internet have been brought forth and have been voted on. As quoted in the book Civility without Censorship, "As the owner of the internet, the sole ability to resolve on how the information being accessed from the internet is controlled resides with the government." Without the government intervening on this situation, endless amounts of illegal information can be added everyday to our main system of communication. .
             With all the illegal material on the internet, children cannot help but to accidentally or even intentionally wander upon it.

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