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Native American uses of Buffal

            The destruction of the Buffalo was perhaps "the most significant blow to tribal life. " Although the Native Americans used every part of the Buffalo when they hunted them. The Native Americans adapted the various parts of the Buffalo to be used at all times. The skull, the hide, the bones, the horns, and the meat were all used. After the Spanish brought the horses to New Mexico in 1598, the Native Americans used the newly found mobility to abandon the farming villages to roam the American Plains hunting for Buffalo to use for the tribe. Hunting for Buffalo also caused confrontations between different tribes.
             As Native Americans hunted for Buffalo, they encountered other tribes, either hostile or beneficial to both of the tribes. When two tribes hunting for Buffalo had crossed paths, a small battle or barter could begin. When it was a small battle, many young men could earn a higher prestige by taking part in these raids or war parties. For Plains Indians, you could gain honor by doing what they called, "counting coup". This is when a Plains warrior touches a living enemy and has to escape alive. If the two tribes had become friendly, they would partake in bartering goods. They would trade things like food, clothes, weapons, and money for each other.
             While the Native Americans reached each herd of Buffalo, they would kill a few at a time until the whole herd was exterminated. Each time a Buffalo was killed, the Native Americans considered the skulls to be sacred, and used them in many rituals. The hide was used for making teepees and clothing. The bones were made into tools and toys for the tribesmen and women. The Horns were carved into bowls and spoons. The meat was dried into jerky or mixed with berries to make a long-lasting food called pemmican. .

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