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And Then Their was None by: Ag

            Of all the books I "ve read this year I most enjoyed And Then Their was None by: Agatha Christie. This book is an extremely exciting book. I know that a lot of my friends enjoyed this book also. So I"m not just saying one student enjoyed it, but a whole bunch of students. The setting was very realsitc, it was almost as if you were there. The plot was so captivating and meticulous that it was amazing how and why the killer picked those certian people.
             This books is so interesting that it just keeps you guessing. You never know what is going to happen next. You just have to turn the page to see what is going to happen. You get so involved that it's like your part of the story. I think the eighth graders next year will enjoy this book just as much as I have. .
             The setting is so realistic that you are looking for your own Indian Island. You get so caught up in all the descriptions that it's almost like you were watching a movie. You want to jump into the book and see all of the rooms yourself. It's like when Lombard walks into a room your right next to him seeing the little indian figures disappear. You are just waiting to see where you go next.
             The plot was so exciting and planed out that it was amazing to see how and why the killer picked those certian people. And how they each were persecuted for killing another person or persons. This book must have taken a lot of planning. How each death follows the poem about the 10 little indans. Also in the order in which they die. This is a truely interesting plot. .
             I very much so enjoyed reading this book. As I believe that next years eighth graders will enjoy this book as well. This book keeps you wondering what is going to happen next. The setting is so real that it feels like you are there experiencing it with the characters. This plot has the most twists and turns I've ever seen. All in all this is a wonderful book. Don't take the experience of reading this book from next years eighth graders, they will truely enjoy this book! .

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