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            Daily Living- Once you know the essentials about diabetes, the reality of daily living sets in. You may find yourself wondering, what am I going to do? How am I going to manage? How can I support the person I care about who has this disease? .
             The routine you establish for taking care of yourself every day will include diet/nutrition, physical activity, blood glucose monitoring and, if needed, medication. Each of these play an important role in making sure your blood glucose levels are in control and you feel your best every day.
             Diet/Nutrition- Food is one of the main factors that directly impacts blood glucose levels--and one you can control. Did you know there's no such thing as a "diabetes diet" anymore? What's important is how food, especially the foods you like, impact your blood glucose levels. .
             The more you know about nutrition, the more options you'll realize you have. When you make healthy choices, your body will feel its best and your blood glucose is more likely to be in control. So check out a food label, understand the Food Pyramid, and learn to carbohydrate count, so you can live a life without limits.
             General recommendations for people with diabetes include: .
             Develop a personal meal plan with your healthcare team.
             Schedule regular meal times and maintain a consistent diet to help your medication work effectively.
             When buying prepackaged food items, read ingredient labels carefully. .
             Try to limit foods high in sugar, salt, white flour and fat.
             To control ingredients and limit additives, prepare meals from scratch when possible. .
             Physical Activity-Physical activity (exercise) is one of four key components -- along with nutrition, medication and blood glucose monitoring -- of daily diabetes care. For people with diabetes, being physically active is especially important because it boosts fitness levels while reducing blood glucose and blood pressure levels. .
             It doesn't have to be a marathon to make a difference.

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