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Missions To Space: Failure?

            The Mars Observer was mission set up by the United States and was intended to meet up with Russian and French Observers. The U.S. lost contact with the Mars Observer on August 21, 1993, three days before it was supposed to go into Mars's orbit. The reason for the communication loss is still unknown. It is also still unknown if the Mars observer went into the Mars orbit or not. None of the mission objectives were complete.
             Hayabusa is a Japanese based mission that launched in 2003. It shall be re-entering Earth's orbit around 2007. The mission objective is to take surface area sample of asteroids. The samples will be sent back to Earth in a separate capsule. At this time it's too early in the mission to say whether or not the mission will be successful. .
             Vega 1 and 2, are Russian spacecrafts sent to Venus and also for a Halley Comet flyby. They were launched on December 15 and 21, 1984. The two spacecrafts used Venus's gravity field after observing to be retargeted to intercept Halley's Comet in 1986. The mission itself was successful for gathering the observations they needed.
             The Surveyor probes were the first U.S. spacecraft to land safely on the moon. The Surveyors were used to get photos and soil samples of the Moon. Each Surveyor was equipped with a television camera and mechanisms for gathering soil samples. In total I believe there were 7 Surveyor missions. The Later missions also instruments for chemical analysis of the Moon's surface. These mission were successful in gather the proper information they were supposed to.

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