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            What is pain? In the American Heritage Dictionary, pain is referred to as "an unpleasant sensation occurring in varying degrees of severity as a consequence of injury, disease, or emotional disorder." The word is rooted in Middle English, from an Old French piene, from Latin poena, meaning "penalty or pain", and from Greek pointe, meaning "penalty." .
             Pain is a very realistic problem that many individuals face daily. People can wear pain on the outside like a mask, hiding them from the world, but it also can hide deep within them waiting to be freed by some emotional circumstance. Oddly enough, pain is one on the most feared apprehensions in the mind of humans, yet in some situations, is the most rejoiced. In this paper I will take a close look at pain, from it's true meaning to real life occurrences in which pain is a reality.
             We all know what pain feels like, for everyone has experienced it at one time in their lives. There are two dimensions of pain; the physical and the emotional pain. Physical pain is a sensation of pure discomfort. For example, when you are walking through your house and stump your toe on a table leg, you don't just stand there and say, "That hurt." You yell loudly to the world (either nice or naughty) that you stumped your toe. The physical aspects of pain can vary greatly from a sharp prick with a shot to the excruciating pain of childbirth.
             Emotional pain has to be the most horrid, in my opinion, of all types of pain. It feels as if your insides are being wrenched out. When my girlfriend and I broke up, I felt as if she had ripped my heart out and I was standing there watching while she stomped on it. Where as physical pain will eventually go away, emotional hurt will always be lurking under the surface. When people are suffering emotional pain they resort to drastic measures, such as taking their own lives. Pain is a very difficult feeling to deal with.
             I have had many painful experiences that I could share with you .

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