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Child Labor[muckraker essay]

             Child labor is slavery of the nation's children. Child labor prevents generations from becoming more than the laborers that work for the lowest wage. Children that are employed are treated very badly, and work in the worse conditions. Children as young as toddlers work for pitiful wages: they are deprived from their right to get an education, and live a life in abuse and poverty.
             Child labor deprives the children of an education, and because of this, prevents the nation from decreasing in poor citizens. The children who are employed are not getting an education. Some go to night school, but do not get anything out of it because they are asleep on top of their books. When the children become older, their lack of education causes them to have the job that pays them lowest wage. Their wage is not enough to support the whole family, so all in the family that are capable of work, including the children, are forced to work to survive. Child labor prevents the poorer side of the society from improving unless child labor, and the horrible conditions of the workplaces are stopped.
             The child workers are forced to work in horrible working conditions, and face abuse in the factories and mines. The children work at least 6 days a week, for 12 hours a day. Some employers even make the children work on Sundays. Some children are so tired at work that they end up sleeping on the factory's filthy floors exhausted and cold. The children that are slacking off their jobs are whipped and punished. Some factories and mines set apart separate rooms just for the abuse of the children. Even if the child is only giggling or talking, he/she will have their wages cut. The children get close to nothing when their wages are not cut. Boys that spend 10 hours picking slate out of coal chutes get paid only 60 cents. The working conditions and abuse are nothing compared to what these do to the children's health.

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