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hiroshima by john hersy

             Throughout everyone's lifetime they see society face a tragedy whether they were prepared for it or not. This tragedy can teach people a lesson, teach them to be helpful, and even change their perspective on life. In John Hersey's Hiroshima many Japanese citizens are effected by something that happened in a matter of seconds, the dropping of the first atomic bomb. In the beginning of August citizens of Hiroshima grew tired of countless air raid warnings and began to ignore them. Though on August 6th 1945, American troops dropped an atomic bomb on the city of Hiroshima. No one understood what had happened and how it left such a terrible outcome. .
             Many surviving doctors decided that even though they were wounded they would help the more needy in the time of a crisis. The doctors began to pick up badly wounded patients and bring them all to one area and take care of them. They were also able to provide them with food and water in the time of need. Over a hundred thousand helpless citizens died instantly from the dropping of the bomb. .
             John Hersey's novel Hiroshima talks about six survivors" stories of the dropping of the atomic and how they dealt with it. One might consider these people lucky for surviving the attack, but they became faced with many problems, physically and mentally. Many began showing symptoms of diseases while others even began to convince themselves that it was their fate to suffer. On the day of the bombing, August 6th 1945 these people carried on with their daily routine. It was 8:15AM when the bomb was dropped.
             A clerk in the department of the East Asia Tin Works, Miss Toshinki Sasaki was having a conversation with her colleague when the bomb was dropped. The impact of the bomb had trapped her unconscious underneath bookcases, the ceiling, and the roof. The weight of everything on top of her twisted her left leg and broke it. Miss Sasaki had laid under books, wood, and plaster for three hours until she came to.

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