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Huck Finn

            In our lives, we all encounter and capture moments that we"ll always remember, a moment that will change our lives forever. Though, just because these encounters are considered the most memorable, they"re not always cherished. .
             My whole life, there's been, we"ll call him Bob. Bob has been in the family way even before I was born. There was never a dull moment when Bob knew I was coming aound, I was everything to him, almost like one of his own. Bob is an older man, I"d say in his late sixties, almost like a grandpa. Always at my side, so loving, and close, never wanted to leave my side. Sometimes you"d have to stop and think who was the child in it all. As time grew on, I grew up, and things had changed. Our family had moved way, and I never really got a chance to see Bob as much as I use to. .
             After many rough years in my mommy and daddy's marriage, daddy began to .
             drink, always out all night, coming home whenever he felt the need to, sometimes never came home until the day after the next. He only would think of himself when he was under the influence, I was never the apple of his eye, but he wasn't even there for my brother. In a clean-cut way, it almost reminds me of Huck's father, just not so intense with abuse. I would say it was more abuse physically, emotionally then physically. This all lead to divorce, which pushed mommy away to move back to where Bob was living, and we lived with him. Which is here in Pennsylvania. .
             We were all excited to move back and see Bob again, but since time grew on and we all had grown and changed, our feelings and emotions had changed to. When we had moved back, things seemed more complex. Bob began to touch me, and say things to me that were not appropriate for a man of his age to be saying and doing to a girl my age. I never did anything to stop it; I didn't know what to think of it. Soon, it began to process on further into more uncomfortable situations, certain encounters.

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