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Requiem for a Dream

             So I watched a Requiem for a Dream and I found it to be very disturbing. The movie is about two kids, probably in their early twenties that smoke pot and shoot up heroin. One of the boys, star Jared Leto has a girlfriend that pressures him into always buying heroin for her. Leto is the one that always has to go out and sacrifice his life dealing with the big time drug dealers. Leto leaves with his buddy to Florida to get a good deal on heroin. While Leto is away, his girlfriend starts having sex to get the drugs that she can"t afford. Leto's mother likes this TV show a lot and gets asked to be on it. She feels that when she gets to be on this show, she has to be slim to wear her special dress. So she goes to the doctor to get these pills, but little does she know that the pills are actually speed that start to mess with her head. Soon enough the mother goes crazy and has to be put into the hospital where they electroshock her and she is never the same again. While that is all happening with Leto's mother, Leto and his accomplice are down in Florida. Leto's arm gets very purple and swollen and a hole starts to show up where he always shoots up. His accomplice takes him to the hospital where they are both arrested and taken to jail. In jail, Leto gets really sick from his arm and needs to go back to he hospital, where the arm is so bad they have to amputate it.
             I found this movie to be very disturbing but has no relation to what I did. This movie is about hard-core drugs, which I am not involved with at all or associated with anyone that does these kinds of drugs. I guess it's good for me to learn about these drugs, although I know that I would never even consider doing any of them. This movie has nothing to do with drinking, which was my offense. If my offense had something to do with heroin this would"ve been an acceptable movie to watch.

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