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marketing plan: valupark

             The main concept behind Assisted Parking at URI is to offer the time conscious student a parking alternative, centered around the concept of a valet system. Students would be given the opportunity of maximizing their rime spent on campus by not having to worry about the ability to find a suitable parking space for his or her automobile each morning. Rather than battling the estimated 7,000 other commuters each school day, Assisted Parking patrons would follow the following chain of events. A student would proceed to one of several "drop zones" throughout the Kingston campus. These zones are strategically located in close proximity to major classroom and functional facilities such as Washburn Hall, Chaffee Hall, Pastore Hall, and the Memorial Union. Once at a drop zone, the student will fill out the appropriate release material which notes their approximate pick up time. It has taken approximately 5 minutes from entering the Upper College Road entrance to completing the transaction. The student has conserved at minimum 10 minutes over conventional parking methods.
             Once the initial transaction has been completed one of Assisted Parking's many trained drivers will relocate their automobile to the central parking facility located within the north end of the fine arts parking area. Due to the high volume of expected use, the parking method utilized once at central parking will involve the double and triple parking of automobiles. This will allow space conservation of the existing resident parking spaces within the Fine Arts lot. The approximate pick-up time noted at time of drop-off will allow the Assisted Parking staff the time required to make the student's car accessible. .
             In order to handle the time sensitive nature of parking loads over the course of the typical school day, a scheduling procedure that focuses staff to different areas of the operation will be employed. Between the hours of 8 am.

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