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Haiti's Political Situation

             The new OAS policy has caused certain problems with Haiti and the way it can function in foreign affairs. Currently, Haiti's economy is in poverty, owing almost $40 million to various banks from loans. This debt increases the severity of their current situation; however they could pay the load with their $50 million in the reserves, take out a private loan, or possibly apply for a bridge loan. The leveraging of humanitarian aid by the United States to Haiti forces them into political reforms that they may not be inclined to accept or modify. There are also other technical hurdles include meeting reparations for the December 17th violence and disarmament. Others include privatization of state-owned enterprises and prioritizing debt over social services.
             Another crisis in Haiti is AIDS/HIV cases among the list of suffering the Haitian population endures every day. This is caused because of the lack of funding or aid from countries such as the U.S. The spread of the virus has gone to an exponential rate, which is already at a staggering prevalence rate of 5.17%. It is almost 5 times worse than every other country in the Latin American world. Haiti's leader, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, has had an unstable past, being thrown out of dictatorship by a military coup, and then reelected in 2001. However, most groups are in turmoil because of the ensuing chaos of the AIDS virus and lack of foreign aid, which is additionally hindered by the new OAS policy, in which the U.S. stands firmly by. If Haiti cannot meet the new policy's requirements, it may not receive the necessary and crucial aid from the United States.

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