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Imperialism and its origin and

             During the late 1800's Britain and other major world powers travelled the globe for more land. Since Britain was low on resources she had to find other lands for resources. The process of conquering and ruling other lands with economic influence is called imperialism. Following the colonization's of India and Africa, Britain and other major would powers enjoyed economic income and new appeal to middle class people about the adventures that their country went through to colonized other lands.
             North America and Canada won its independence from Britain because they were too much of a nuisance to hard to handle. Britain wanted to conquer other lands that were less civilized as the Americas, because most of them were Europeans. Britain looked into the East India Company because it was starting to control the Mughals. Soon my 1757 the East India Company was the leading power in India and through Viceroys Britain was controlling India. Now Britain was the main influence in India, they were installing railroads, telegraphs and other mains of making capital. At this moment Britain was becoming richer and gaining more resources. Just as India was being imperialised the whole continent of Africa was being tared apart to European countries.
             In 1875 the age of imperialism was on the go in the continent of Africa. When imperialism started in 1875, European countries controlled 10 percent of Africa, twenty-five years later the percentage turned to ninety. All this happened mainly because European countries wanted to add more land to their empire for the fame. The two major countries that were colonizing Africa were Britain and France. Britain started from north and south, while France started from east and west. Both countries had the ambition of ruling the whole continent, but in 1898 they met each other in Fashoda. France backed off and Britain continues, but she never completed her dream of conquering Africa from "the Cape of Good Hope to Cairo"- Rhodes, because Germany and Belgium had already occupied parts of central Africa.

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