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             "It is natural to live in accordance with .
             your own nature, others nature and Mother Nature.
             It is unnatural to live in discord with .
             your own nature, others nature and Mother Nature". .
             Shamanism is an ancient orally transmitted wisdom, witch is a part of nature. In shamanism vi experience everything in nature as alive v/s everything has soul. One of the fundamental principals in nature is diversity. There are many different animals, trees, herbs, flowers, insects etc. v/s and if you take a look at all the pines in a forest, no two of them are quite alike. Diversity is something natural! We humans have our human nature in common, and each individual has his own personal nature, witch is different form anyone else's. In shamanism it is desirable, to become as good as possible to se ones own nature, others nature and nature v/s and become as good as possible at living in accordance with ones own nature, others nature and Mother Nature. The more we live in discord with our nature, the more we make ours selves ill v/s and we make others ill. .
             Shamanism is a spiritual craft, and Nature-religion is a spiritual practice - a way of living your life. One of the shamans purposes is to be priest to those who practice Nature-religion. He talks to people, counsels them v/s and performs ceremonies. Another of the shamans purposes, is to help people who have difficulties in their life, that they want help with. The difficulties can be of a physical, psychological, social or spiritual nature. The shaman, in our present culture, is not a doctor (unless he is trained as a doctor) v/s so if a man goes outside in minus 30 degrees centigrade without anything but a wet T-shirt on and catches pneumonia, he obviously needs to be treated by a doctor. On the other hand, one must say that it is in discord with the human nature to behave so se.

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