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Bradford, Smith, and Equiano

             There were many authors who wrote about their adventures to America. A few of them were Equiano, Bradford, and Smith. Equiano was an African American that was kidnapped and forced into slavery. Bradford was a white who was against bad people and was very religious. Smith was an arrogant self- centered man who stretched the truth and tried to make himself look like a hero. Between Equiano, Bradford, and Smith there were three very dominant similarities; they were biased, they all endured hardships, and all traveled to America.
             Equiano was biased in a different way than either Bradford or Smith. Equiano hated whites and this made him side more with the blacks in his writing; plus he was a slave so also he expressed even more hatred towards those that were white slave owners. Bradford was writing everything from a religious point of view this made his whole story biased because he was siding with his religion and trying to influence people that his religion was the right and that they were in the wrong. Smith was biased in the worst way. He was arrogant and self- centered. He tried to make himself look like the hero in every part of the story. He made himself the main character in his story. All of these men were biased in a different way but they all were trying to persuade someone to side with their way of thinking.
             All of these men had to endure great hardships, but in the end they all made it to America. Equiano was a slave. This was both a physical and an emotional hardship. People treated him differently because of the color of his skin. As a slave he wasn't allowed to do as much as others and also he did not get much food because there were so many people that had to share the small amount of food. Not just for the slaves was there a lack of food but there was a lack of food in general. This cut the slaves food back even more because there wasn't enough for the whites so the blacks didn't get as much either.

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