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Die Hard

             Hero model journey in Die Hard.
             In Joseph Campbell's hero journey model, the hero finds himself being transformed from his emotional, physical and psychological experiences. In the movie Die Hard, John McClain, a New York police officer who came to visit his wife in L.A., faces extreme physical and emotional problems while trying to overcome a band of terrorists in his hero journey. Another important element in the hero journey that is portrayed in Die Hard is the ordeal in the innermost cave. In this ordeal, John McClain is inside a ventilation shaft, with his enemies blindly shooting at him. .
             In the waking hours of the movie, we meet our future hero, John McClain, in the Los Angeles International Airport. He is here for Christmas to visit his distant wife and family in L.A. This according to Campbell's model is the ordinary world. When John is visiting his wife in her office, he is suddenly called to adventure when terrorists try to take them hostage. He takes the call to adventure and crosses the threshold into a dangerous world, because of his police style instincts. .
             During his ordeal with the terrorists, John faces many challenges and tests with his enemies. He was in many shooting fights, which tested his inner strength and physical morale. Another key element in his triumphing over his enemies is his meeting of the mentor. He meets a man on the Los Angeles Police Department, Al, who gives him the much-needed emotional and psychological boost that he gave him. Al is very important in the later stages of John's ordeals as he gives him tips to overcome the terrorists and also helps him with them. .
             John's approach into the inmost cave is a crucial stage in his journey. While being pursued, John McClain is forced to hide in a ventilation shaft and avoid a barrage of bullets sent by a couple of terrorists. He is saved in the nick of time, when his mentor Al provides a distraction and forces the terrorists to deal with him.

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