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            Pop-Divas like Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears and Shakira are all beautiful young ladies that made it into the Top-10 of the world's music charts. On the other hand they trigger more and more controversies with their provocative Fashion-Trend and explicit song lyrics. Due to a Mass Media Presentation of those hip-shaking Pop Sirens through television and magazines our Teenage generation has been contaminated with idolizing a look and attitude that has the question "how much?" written all over. I think it is a shame of the entertainment business to have such a negative influence on our future generation. What is wrong with those girls? Is it me or are women wearing less and less every year?.
             Last week I watched a TV-Show and I was shocked to see Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears dressed like their pimp daddy was outside warming up the car to take them to their next "appointment". I saw Low-riders, barely-there mini skirts, one shouldered blouses, and transparent peasant tops are all the range and this trend has been going on longer than the summer so there is no excuse there. Most girls" tops consist of a large table napkin wrapped around their chest. Jeans are so tight they have to hire a seamstress to sew them into them. And I don't even want to discuss the micro mini; those things make them look like they shoplifted at the Baby Gap. I hate to sound like an aging fashion nag, but it is still a little perplexing to see fifteen year old girls taking fashion tips from Britney Spears. Fashion sense should be taught at an early age. How can a teenage girl learn good taste when she is wearing hot pink leather pants and a cropped T- shirt with the words "Bad Girl" written across the chest?.
             These girls could be our future Senators, Judges, Doctors or Teachers. To continue with my opinion about misleading our teens I have to mention the use of explicit lyrics. Just take Britney Spears first hit single "Baby one more time", in this song alone she encourages sex, suicide and the degrading of females.

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