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A clockwork Orange

             A Clockwork Orange, written by Anthony Burgess, is a book designed to instigate much further thought and analization than what is needed by just reading the book itself. It's controversial topics stick with the reader throughout his or her whole day. There are three main things that made this book more thought provoking than most others: theslang? used, the detail given about the many different events that took place, and the ironic sub-topic of the book.
             Mr. Burgess, to add effect to his book, had created virtually a whole new language. At first, it was confusing, but as the book developed, so did the slang used by the characters. This was a really great effect because the more you got into the new language, the farther it brought you from reality, thus the farther it brought you into this new atmosphere. This helped make the book much morecloser to home? to the reader since they now felt that they were actually a part of this whole new world. When brought into this whole world, the feeling of the events that took place in the book is much stronger. Almost forgetting reality, the reader is sucked into feeling like he or she is a part of what is going on, and that makes the book stick with the reader, which is what any author's ideal outcome is.
             Another way Mr. Burgess added to this book was by using insanely precise detail. The description of the horrific acts made by the characters in the book was enough to creep out Steven King. Also, the fact that you were reading from the main gangster's point of view, and that he wasn't disturbed by anything that he was doing made it even creepier. Even when using the strange language so you couldn't understand it as well as if it were in plain English, the main idea of what was going on was still sickening. These pictures also stick with you when you read them, which in turn makes you dream about them, or even talk to another person about them, which in turn might make them, read the book also.

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