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pro legalization of marijuana

             Marijuana is one of the most controversial drugs today. Everyone is talking about it, and the question everyone is asking is why is it not legal? Many studies have been done on this drug for medical uses. Also to find what harm it can do mentally and physically. Marijuana has many different parts that can be used for everything from a medication to a bedsheet. Many countries use marijuana everyday, they use it for medicine, textiles, religious aid, and recreational use. Scientists are finding use of marijuana in our history. They found evidence that the founding fathers grew marijuana, mostly for hemp (the fiber from the cannabis plant used for textiles, which contains a very low amount of THC, THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinols, the part of marijuana that produces the high). Very few states have passed laws legalizing marijuana; more states should view the benefits of what is said to be the "billion dollar crop", it is not just used for recreational use, it is used for sick and dying people to relieve some of the pain in their last few months here (Pluff 1). As the benefits of this wonder drug become clearer and myth is separated from fact, maybe more states will realize that this is a drug that can be as useful and work than anything tried in the past.
             More states in the United States have legalization laws that people think. States with legalization laws for medical use are California, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Mexico, and Missouri. California is the most popular for its medical marijuana laws and the most controversial. The laws of each state differ in amount you can carry and the amount, if permitted to grow. The law in California is "the state can not impose civil or criminal penalties on any patient with "any illness for which marijuana provides relief" if .
             the patient is possessing or growing marijuana for personal use. To verify a medical need the patients must have a recommendation form a physician.

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