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Shakespeare and the Bible

            The Bile Allusions in Shakespeare's Works.
             The Bible influences the late generations further. Especially its abundant and colorful allusions are used again and again. Among them many even have the stable meaning, such as "Adam's Apple", "To Beat the Air", "The Widow's Mite" etc. There are many words coming from the Bible: Baptism, God, Angle, Cross, Paradise, Judas, Enlighten, Gospel etc. These words are used as the allusions till now. They have not only the religious meaning, but also the relatively independent meaning. They were used numerously by the contemporary writers, enriching the literature art.
             The important form of the Bible influence literature technique of expression is to uses the allusions. Most allusions are used to fold or exaggerate the topic. Some are used in order to compare the things to attain the irony purpose.
             What I wish to show is the great influence of the Bible on English greatest dramatist, Shakespeare. I have to use the Shakespeare's works for example to analysis the use of the Bible allusions.
             2. Allusions in Shakespeare's works.
             2.1 Brief Analysis.
             Shakespeare's knowledge of the Bible was very good. He did not merely quote, but made allusions that showed a deeper knowledge and understanding of the scriptural passages to which he alluded.
             There are three ways by which one may estimate the scope and extent of Shakespeare's knowledge and use of Holy Scripture. .
             First, the frequent references which he made in his plays to the facts and characters recorded in the Holy Bible. .
             Secondly, the quality and colour which pervade his moral and religious principles and expressions. .
             And thirdly, the poetical thought and imagery taken directly from Holy Bible and used to guide and assist him in his immortal productions. .
             2.2 Classifying the Functions of the Allusions in Shakespeare's Works.
             2.2.1 Using Allusions to Display the Characters' Disposition.
             Shakespeare often used the Bible allusions so well that the characters in his works were vivid, and they showed the charm of the art.

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