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Uncle Vanya

             You can't name a single literary work that isn't protest.
             There are many literary works that are protest. These works may not protest in blatant and obvious ways, but they do protest in abstract ways. With deciphering and a keen eye, one can spot protest. These works can protest against many things. Some things that literary can protest against is the society, ideas, people, and feelings. Richard Wright believes that every book ever written and every literary work is protest. Although there are many literary works that are protest, I believe that not all of them are.
             In Anton Chekhov's Uncle Vanya, there are many things that represent protest. The story is very dark and gloomy. Vanya and Sofya do all the work on the estate and send money to the Professor to live off of. He is very lazy and all he does is complain. One of the topics of protest is towards intellectuals and people like the Professor. In Uncle Vanya, Vanya adores the Professor, although he is a fraud. Vanya thinks that the choices he made in his life were wrong and wishes he could be more like the Professor. However, the Professor is not someone who should be emulated. The Professor is a swindler and appears not to want to improve himself. The Doctor sees the Professor as a fake. He points out that the Professor teaches what smart people already know and nobody else cares about. .
             Another topic of protest in Uncle Vanya is pollution. The Doctor seems to be an environmentalist. He plants trees only for fun. He tries to get other people interested in the environment and seems very happy to show his maps to Yelena. He also made charts and maps of his district for 50 years. These maps show the destruction of forests, ponds, and animal life that lived in the area. The doctor believes that people have destroyed and polluted the environment. This reference to the environment and the destroying of it could be Anton Chekhov's approach towards combating pollution.

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