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women in the workforce

            Many years ago women had very little participation in the workplace. The common occupation for women was taking care of the household, today that is no longer the case. They are taking care of their families physically and financially. Some women are also single handedly taking charge of caring for their families without any assistance. Women are joining the ranks of many professional occupations. Even though women are indeed invading the workplace in large quantities, they face many new challenges. According to the "20 facts On Women Workers", the highest labor participation rate for women has significantly increased since the 1980's. The increasein these number has resulted from a changein the economy. Many households now require two incomes instead of one, which lead some women into the workplace. For years women have been the strongholds of hte household. They are the key to a strong foundation. In fact, women in today's society have become a crucial factor in the income of the family. Women for many years have played a major role in the household income as well as the strength of the family. Some fell that they are not as compensated as they should be. There is a wage discrimination between men and women. Women are earning an average of 77 percent less than men. When the economy is up, women overall still earn less than men even within the same occupation. Apparantley this has no discouraged them as studies show women are still flooding the workplace. .

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