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Multiple Personality Disorder

             Multiple personality is a disorder in which a person may attempt to satisfy opposite desires by developing separate personalities. This could enable the person to avoid the guilt and confusion that would be present if only one personality existed. It is also known as Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). There can be anywhere from two to a hundred different personalities. The personalities will follow into one of the following categories: core, host, protectors, internal self-helper, fragments, child members, preteen, teenager, adults, artistic/music, cross-gender, cross colored, animal members, and inanimate members. The Host personality is the person that is the multiple, the original personality, the one that created the other personalities, but is also unaware of them. .
             Each alter has their own name, these names can come from anything, but there are three common factors that influence the alters name. Some alters are born with the name, this is when the alter is modeled after a real or fictional character. Some alters are named after an emotional response, also many alters are named after specific jobs that they do. The names that are created are usually done by a child so they are based on a fictional or real character.
             The most common perceptible identities are the child, persecutor, rescuer, and helper. The child is the identity that is under the age of twelve. They perform as children in the means of often sucking thumbs, twisting hair, like to eat .
             cookies, throw tantrums, and use child-like vocabulary. The persecutor is the self-destructive identity that is violent and angry. This personality usually has a drug or alcohol problem and generally puts the host at risk. The rescuer personality is usually devoid of emotion but logical, able, proficient, and responsible. The helper personality knows the most about the history of the original and they generally want to help everyone for the common good.

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